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AIR 101 is an artist-in-residence program that invites artists to Gmunden every month to a studio house on the shores of Lake Traunsee. In this special atmosphere, artistic projects, exhibitions and networks are created in exchange with the region and its diverse actors. 


A special concern of initiator Andrea Bier is to bring together globally thinking, internationally active personalities from different spheres. Without a relevant program, but open to everything, common experiences form a platform for the exchange of art and business. In this sense Andrea Bier also understands her engagement in the board of the Vienna Contemporary.


Brishty Alam
(*1988, London/GB)

Anouk Lamm Anouk
(*1992, Vienna/AT)

Julia Beliaeva
(*1988, Haisyn Vinnytsia Region, Ukraine)

Dejan Dukic
(*1974, Bosnia)


Judith Fegerl
(*1977, Vienna/AT)

Denise Rudolf Frank
(*1993, Vienna/AT)

Sofia Goscinski
(*1979, Vienna/AT)

(Markus Hanakam *1979, Essen/DE, Roswitha Schuller *1984, Friesach/AT)

Julia Haugeneder
(*1987, Vienna/AT)

Marc Henry
(*1996, Munich/DE)

Sophie Hirsch
(*1986, Vienna/AT)

Olga Jakob
(*1985, Kiew, Ukraine)

Anna Jermolaewa

(*1970, St. Petersburg/RU)

Barbara Kapusta
(*1983, Lilienfeld/AT)

Xenia Lesniewski
(*1985, Frankfurt am Main/DE)


Ernst Lima 
(*1994, Horn/AT)


Angelika Loderer
(*1984, Feldbach/AT)

Constantin Luser
(*1976, Graz/AT)

Thea Möller
(*1985, Hannover/DE)

Michèle Pagel
(*1985, Werdau/DE)

Anna Paul
(*1987, Carinthia/AT)


Christiane Peschek
(*1984, Salzburg/AT)

Peter Sandbichler
(*1964, Kufstein/AT)

Maruša Sagadin
(*1978, Lubljana/SI)

Toni Schmale
(*1980, Hamburg/DE)

Marit Wolters
(*1985, Achim/DE)


Marcus Geiger
Tiger I Gerhard Gutenberger
Anna Jermolaewa
Hans Kupelwieser
Hubert Scheibl
Eva Schlegel
Michaela Schwarz-Weismann
Elfie Semotan

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